Need quality talent to fill your internships and job openings?

Do you want to find good candidates effectively and inexpensively?  The Illinois Small College Placement Association (CCCIllinois) can help you with your recruiting needs.  Consider CCCIllinois Campus Interviewing – it’s FREE and hosted by a CCCIllinois school conveniently located to you!

You have jobs and internships to fill, and we want to see our students land those positions. Conducting on-campus Interviews at an CCCIllinois member school near you takes you out of the office, away from distractions, so you can focus on finding the right talent.  CCCIllinois Campus Interviewing can be scheduled throughout the academic year at your convenience.  We just ask for a four-week lead time to broadly advertise the opening(s), ensuring the best possible candidate pool.  We collect resumes using our Online Career Center, powered by College Central Network.  In turn, you will be able to screen resumes and select those candidates you wish to bring on campus to interview.  To qualify for CCCIllinois Campus Interviewing, position openings may be either:

  • Internships (must be supervised learning opportunities and meet generally accepted experiential learning guidelines) or
  • Full-time positions (must be four-year degree-required, salaried, and direct hires)

For more details about the process, please view the PDF for additional information. If you have any questions or for more information on setting up CCCIllinois Campus Interviewing, please contact me.  We look forward to seeing you on campus soon.

Contact the Campus Interviewing Chairwoman Holly Coffin ( for more information.