Many of the CCCI members schools have professional staff who speak on career-related topics.  Some topics include LinkedIn profiles, Networking, Strong Interest Inventory, Clifton Strengths for Students, Major Selection, Career Pathways and much more.  Contact us to learn more.

Our Speakers

Dr. Jes Monu

Jessica Monu is a dynamic individual, who is a peacemaker at heart!

Jessica has worked in the health and wellness industry for 20+ years though personal training, group fitness, coaching, and management. She earned her Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance and is now teaching at the University of St Francis in Recreation and Sport Management.

She is an inspirational leader, connecting and empowering individuals to achieve their best life.

Jessica believes everyone should be led by the dreams in their heart and not pushed around by the fears in their minds. What are your heart’s dreams?

Speaking Topics:

  • Happiness & Well-Being: Uncover the treasures of what your best life looks look.
  • Valuing Diversity: Understanding unconscious bias and diversity, and learning the next steps in moving forward.
  • Universal Design: Empower individuals to feel confident and independent in their environment.

Contact Information:

Mr. Michael True

Mike serves as president of INTRUEITION, the parent company of He worked in the field of internships for 29 years with Messiah University until July 2019. Over those years he provided resources to his global colleagues, employers, students, and faculty.

For his colleagues he began Internship-Net in 1995, an internet listserv now serving over 1,500 internship professionals throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. For students participating in internship and co-op experiences he wrote a book, InternQube: Professional Skills for the Workplace (now in its 3rd edition), and created a companion website – For employers he compiled a free booklet entitled “Starting and Maintaining A Quality Internship Program” which is currently being used by hundreds of colleges, universities, employers and chambers of commerce across the United States and internationally. In 2016 he released Faculty Manual: Academic Standards and Best Practices for Internships. His most recent contribution is “Higher Education & Experiential Learning: Select Trends and Future Ideas” in the 2018 publication, International Internships: Mission, Methods & Models (a collection of papers from the Global Internship Conference).

Speaking Topics:

  • The Genius of Internships, Developing Quality Internships
  • Experiential Education: Trends and Future Thoughts.

Contact Information:

Phone: (717) 712-5950

Dr. Maribeth Hearn

Dr. Maribeth Hearn is a career readiness expert for Vocational Strategy, Inc., and also directs a Career Center at a private Midwest University.   Dedicated to helping people discover their vocation, and then thrive in the workplace, she provides a customized, client-centered approach to finding purposeful, meaningful work.   In addition, her 20 years of award-winning business leadership, and 10+ years as an adjunct professor, have equipped Hearn as a strategic thinker and effective leader.  She has extensive knowledge of LinkedIn strategy and personal branding.   Her educational background includes an MBA an earned Doctorate as well as Certifications as a Gallup Strengths Coach, and Strong Interest Inventory Practitioner. Hearn is the president of the College Career Consortium of Illinois and a member of the Will County Workforce Investment Board.

Speaking Topics:

  • Marketing/Sales
  • Career Readiness
  • Strengths-Based Coaching

Contact Information:

Phone: 630-259-1516

Mr. Steven Wettergren

Steven is a productivity and wellness subject matter expert for Vocational Strategy, Inc .A practitioner of mindfulness and meditation for over 20 years, Steven’s journey began with Tai Chi and expanded to meditation and mindfulness practices.  His pragmatic approach to these ancient techniques is embraced by educators, students, parents and executives.  In Vocational Strategy Inc’s, Meditation in Modern Times series, Steve provides a simple applied model that can be followed by everyone from beginners to enthusiasts.



Speaking Topics:

Meditation in Modern Times Series include:

  • Mindfulness for Job Search
    Building Mindfulness into Daily Life (Habits)
  • Slow the Mind, Relax the Body
    The Power of 10: An introduction to mediation and its benefits
  • Need a break from Remote Learning
    Tasteful Indulgence:  Mindfulness Experience with Decadent Chocolate

Clear the Clutter: Productivity Techniques for Busy Professionals

Contact Information:

Phone: 630-259-1516